Kali Linux mirror hierarchy

[S,R] repo.kali.org [S,R] archive.kali.org [S,R] free.nchc.org.tw
[S,R] ftp.cc.uoc.gr
[S,R] mirror.math.princeton.edu
[S,R] quantum-mirror.hu
[S,R] kali.mirror1.gnc.am
[S,R] kali.mirror2.gnc.am
[S,R] kali.itsec.am
[S,R] ftp.belnet.be
[S,R] mirror.accuris.ca
[S,R] kali.mirror.rafal.ca
[S,R] elmirror.cl
[S,R] mirror.ufro.cl
[S,R] mirrors.ustc.edu.cn
[S,R] mirror.amuksa.com
[S,R] mirror.cspacehostings.com
[S,R] md.mirrors.hacktegic.com
[S,R] mirror.leitecastro.com
[S,R] mirror.karneval.cz
[S,R] mirror.netcologne.de
[S,R] ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de
[S,R] mirror.cedia.org.ec
[S,R] mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu
[S,R] ftp.free.fr
[S,R] mirror.johnnybegood.fr
[S,R] mirror.primelink.net.id
[S,R] xsrv.moratelindo.io
[S,R] ftp.jaist.ac.jp
[S,R] ftp.yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp [S,R] mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn
[S,R] ftp.ne.jp
[S,R] ftp.riken.jp
[S,R] kali.koyanet.lv
[S,R] mirror.0xem.ma
[S,R] mirror.lagoon.nc
[S,R] mirror.init7.net
[S,R] mirrors.jevincanders.net
[S,R] mirrors.netix.net
[S,R] mirror.serverius.net
[S,R] mirror.vinehost.net
[S,R] ftp.nluug.nl
[S,R] mirror.2degrees.nz
[S,R] hlzmel.fsmg.org.nz
[S,R] wlglam.fsmg.org.nz
[S,R] mirrors.dotsrc.org
[S,R] mirror.freedif.org
[S,R] archive-4.kali.org
[S,R] mirror.pyratelan.org
Traceset changed 16 times within the last 48 hours, most recently 40 min ago.
[S,R] repo.jing.rocks
[S,R] mirror1.sox.rs
[S,R] mirror.truenetwork.ru
[S,R] ftp.acc.umu.se
[S,R] mirror.aktkn.sg
[S,R] kali.darklab.sh
[S,R] mirror.kku.ac.th
[S,R] mirror.twds.com.tw
[S,R] kali.cs.nycu.edu.tw
[S,R] fastmirror.pp.ua

Italic text refers to tracefile names, cells with color-status correspond to mirrors from the masterlist that are being checked.